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Our tutorials will show you how easily you can create a system to mux, demux, search of monitor your streams. Need any more help? Contact us here for more specific topics to:

  • Determine the best hardware configuration, equipment and expansion boards
  • Order and build the equipment
  • Install and configure your system
  • Training of operators and engineers

Tutorial: How to find a sequence with the Hint function

This tutorial shows you how to detect a reference sequence inside of a live stream: detect an ad, a jingle or the beginning of a television show from a sequence.

tutorial hint function openheadend

Tutorial: How to do a basic configuration and Demux

This video shows you how to do a basic configuration of the Openheadend server, and the Demux function that can tune a DVB tuner and output streams to a network.

Tutorial: How to add a fallback system with Playout

Check out the video to see how to create a multicast stream as a fallback. This will be useful to show an alternative file or channel when the demux function fails.

playout video tutorial

Tutorial: How to switch from sources with the Monitoring

Discover in this video to see how to connect the Demux and Playout with a Monitor function. This function will be able to dynamically switch from one source to another as you need.

tutorial monitoring video openheadend

Tutorial: How to record and extract

In this tutorial you will learn how to record from a hard drive and to make extractions from it. You are going to format your drive for a Linux system, so make sure to back it up before!

Need more functions ? Check out our Solutions

Are you looking for more specific functions for your project? Many more functions are available with the OpenHeadend system on the Solutions section.

Cloud solutions

Our products come with a dedicated space on our cloud storage. Use it to back-up the configuration of your platforms!

A virtual server  is a great alternative to of running your system on your premises. Create a workflow, store your channels for catch-up TV easily and strengthen the availability of your service.


Do you need a specific development for your environment?

We perform custom developments to integrate our products in your own system, by creating glue software between APIs. Contact us today to talk about your project.

Custom solutions

Do you have a very specific project, unachievable with standard off-the-shelf products?

Based on our experience with video processing pipelines of the Upipe project, we have done the design and development of many challenging projects. Check out our case studies.

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