Tutorial: How to find a sequence with the Hint function

This tutorial shows you how to detect a reference sequence inside of a live stream: detect an ad, a jingle or the beginning of a television show from a sequence.

tutorial hint function openheadend

Tutorial: How to do a basic configuration and Demux

This video shows you how to do a basic configuration of the Openheadend server, and the Demux function that can tune a DVB tuner and output streams to a network.

Tutorial: How to add a fallback system with Playout

Check out the video to see how to create a multicast stream as a fallback. This will be useful to show an alternative file or channel when the demux function fails.

playout video tutorial

Tutorial: How to switch from sources with the Monitoring

Discover in this video to see how to connect the Demux and Playout with a Monitor function. This function will be able to dynamically switch from one source to another as you need.

tutorial monitoring video openheadend

Tutorial: How to record and extract

In this tutorial you will learn how to record from a hard drive and to make extractions from it. You are going to format your drive for a Linux system, so make sure to back it up before!

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