Take control of your workflow

Are you looking for a future-proof solution, using standard IT equipments instead of custom? Do you want to take control of your content workflow and be able to focus on your own projects?

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Time Delay

Processes are fully automated. OpenHeadend solutions are flexible, robust and easily integrate into our ‘video factory’ workflows.

Arnaud DrillonProject and Technical Manager at France Télévisions Digital Editions


Change over

Always be on air. Detect failures in your workflow, and switch to back-up signals.

Encoder / Transcoder

Encode from SDI or transcode your streams to multiple formats with our bleeding-edge encoders.

Recorder / Player / Time Delay

Record channels, and come back at any time to edit and extract the recordings. Play out files, or delay an incoming stream.

Contribution Gateway

Spare satellite bandwidth and send your content at the other end of the world using SRT, RIST or FEC.


Receive channels from satellite or DTT and descramble them.


Build your own mosaic, for monitoring purposes or for your customers.

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Avoid obsolescence

Is your current solution at risk of becoming obsolete or unmaintained? OpenHeadend systems work on any computer and will evolve with new functionalities over time. Getting a new system is a simple transfer of our USB key to a more powerful computer.


Thanks to its groundbreaking design, making it highly modular and flexible, it is also a future- proof investment.

Mickael CzmaraCTO at MCS TV

More than 20 years of technical expertise

Rely on a system evolving with your needs

Flexible solutions

Do you have various needs but you want to avoid heterogeneous environments? Do you want to stay ahead of competition with the latest technologies available, but your budget is limited?

Buy now and expand your platform later with our flexible solutions integrated in a single product with a coherent interface.


Years of experience



Distribute your content with the most reliable system

Have you already had a break-down, and had to wait for several weeks for a spare part to become available? Our solutions are based on commodity hardware that you can easily find. You can simply migrate your workflow to a new hardware, either automatically with our failover function, or manually.

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Change over

The level of security achieved is impressive. Errors detection is frame accurate and the system immediately switches to a back-up playlist, which offers the same video quality than the main playlist. Thanks to this quality of service, we can carry our maintenance tasks with great serenity, knowing that it is transparent for our subscribers.

Emmanuel AldeguerCTO at Trace

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