video software broadcast operations stream 075

Recorder / Player / Time Delay

Record channels, and come back at any time to edit and extract the recordings. Play out files, or delay an incoming stream.

Case Study: AB Group

In order to make sure that Astra, Atlantic Bird and Hot Bird satellites are properly distributing its bouquet, AB Group needs to capture and monitor the DVB-ASI signals coming from the three satellites.

Signals should not be processed in order not to distort the post hoc analysis.

In addition to the satellite monitoring planned, the same platform enables us to log other channels of the Group, channels that we receive or deliver via a fiber optic link.

Gaël TurlanCTO at MCS TV

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  • Hardware #1

    1-RU server with 2 1000base-T ports and 4 4GB hot-plug SATA hard disks, configurable as RAID 0 or RAID 5

  • Hardware #2

    2-RU server with 4 1000base-T ports and 12 4GB hot-plug SATA hard drives, configurable as RAID 0 or RAID 5

  • Record

    input as UDP or RTP multicast, output as native transport streams, or remultiplexed/transcoded mp4 files

  • Playout

    Native transport streams, or remultiplexed or transcoded mp4 files

  • Time Delay

    Down to 1 millisecond precision, with a delay of at least 1 second

  • Features

    Relies on an HTML5 interface to access the recordings, takes advantage of the EPG to determine program boundaries

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