openheadend rist forum

In an effort to promote cost-effective Internet contribution for our customer, we have implemented the RIST protocol starting from our firmware version 10.1. We are fully committed to this technology and have just joined the RIST forum, which aims at accelerating the adoption of this promising technology.

video software broadcast operations stream 046

Thank you all for visiting us at the NAB 19 in Las Vegas! We welcome in our team our new Field Application Engineer Cédric Bail for our customers in America. The new SRT and RIST demo was streaming BFM TV directly from France and received much attention, and not only from our French visitors.

video software broadcast operations stream 029

Our team had a blast showing our visitors our new demos running on virtualized hardware using Proxmox VE. In addition to our playout demo we have been showing the previous year, we also demonstrated our mosaic and HLS packager.

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