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Monitoring / Switching

Always be on air. Detect failures in your workflow, and switch to back-up signals with our Monitoring & Switching solution.

Case Study: Trace TV

TRACE originally turned to OpenHeadend when it was looking to fulfill its legal obligation of keeping a program log for each one of its channels, and now, OpenHeadend solution is the hub of its workflow, used for ingest, processing and multi-platform stream delivery.

The level of security achieved is impressive. Errors detection is frame accurate and the system immediately switches to a back-up playlist, which offers the same video quality than the main playlist. Thanks to this quality of service, we can carry our maintenance tasks with great serenity, knowing that it is transparent for our subscribers.

Emmanuel AldeguerCTO at Trace

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  • Monitoring criteria

    Bitrate, PID absence, video freeze, audio silence, discontinuities or errors in the input, and comparison with a reference signal coming from a different source

  • Actions

    SNMP trap, switch to backup signal (possibly a time delay of the same channel), or any workflow change

  • Input

    UDP or RTP over multicast, or any input of the head-end and encoding solutions

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