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OpenHeadend releases firmware 9.91, which fixes a bug with the scramble and descramble functions introduced in 9.9.


OpenHeadend is happy to release firmware 9.8, which brings improvements to the built-in video player of the management interface, and the usual lot of bug fixes, in particular with the monitor failover and record functions, and configuration slaves.


OpenHeadend releases firmware 9.7, which adds support for 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 encoding, improves the web player interface, and fixes a number of bugs.


OpenHeadend is happy to release firmware 9.6. It is a bug-fix release improving performance with a high number of grid input functions, and tackling various bugs.


OpenHeadend is happy to release firmware 9.5. It brings new features such as Kantar watermarking and detection, and 10-bit HEVC encoding in grid output functions, as well as the usual number of bug fixes.


OpenHeadend is happy to release firmware 9.4, a bug-fix release addressing issues with cubox and forward rtmp and icecast functions.


OpenHeadend releases firmware 9.3, a bug-fix release tackling a packet loss problem (introduced in 9.0), and fixing problems with bonding or VLAN interfaces and with the HLS/DASH output.


The new year starts with a new 9.2 firmware. It fixes several major issues with previous releases, and adds a useful resources pie on the main page of the web interface.